10 Brilliantly British Stereotypes Debunked


When you think about British people, what do you think about? Perhaps cups of tea, brollies, bad teeth, or bizarre-sounding food like bangers and mash (spoiler alert, it's only sausages and mashed potatoes). The truth is, that there are lots of strange stereotypes about the British, and if you haven't spent much, or any, time in the UK, it might be difficult to separate fact from fiction. It might be easy to believe that British people frequently take tea with the Queen and have the national anthem as their theme tune, but really there's a lot of diversity of the people and of their opinions in the United Kingdom. The online marketplace 'Brilliantly British' has decided to tackle a few of those stereotypes head on and try to debunk them, although the jury is still out on a few of them! Let's take a look and see what's what!
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If you're from the UK yourself, what's the strangest stereotype someone's ever thought about you as a British person? Let us know in the comments section below!

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