Brilliant Examples Of Cosplay That Showed Others How It’s Done

For some people, cosplay is just a bit of fun. For others, it’s something that is taken very seriously. Either way, people from all different walks of life come together, be creative and have fun. We think that it’s great! Sometimes people like to get competitive with their outfits and costumes. Here we have some brilliant examples of cosplay that showed others how it’s done. Take a look and see what you think! 

Brilliant Examples Of Cosplay

300 Spartans coming your way! What an awesome sight to behold and boy did these guys smash their look! 

A group of friends or a crate of beer? Who knows?!

The Batman VS Superman debate settled once and for all…

The best Che Guevara t-shirt ever.

Firefox hasn’t been totally forgotten after all! 

The headless horseman! Just look at that gorgeous animal! 

The staff of Hogwarts!

A slightly skinnier version of Homer Simpson… 

Leroy Jenkins from South Park. Nailed it! 

Peter Pan and the infamous shadow! 

When this kid gets older they can evolve from Cubone into Marowak! 

A ripe and ready avocado…

Rocket Racoon ready for a mission!

Quirinus Quirrel/Lord Voldemort!