People Share Their Most Embarrassing And Awkward Stories

It’s inevitable in life that you will find yourself in situations that are awkward and embarrassing. Of course, some occasions will be worse than others and often it’s how you handle what has happened that has a huge influence on the end result. Typically, our brains often tend to let us down when we need them the most making many situations go from bad to worse. Here we have an amusing selection of images showing people sharing their most awkward and embarrassing stories. Take a look! 

At least she is polite! 

apoligised to a women in a record store it was me

We wonder what the pharmacist thought…

asked pharmacist if they sold strap ons

We all need a cheek massage every now and again!

boy using vibrator to massage his face

This has happened to us on a few occasions… 

bumped into a mannequin said sorry

A mutual understanding… 

called in sick to work saw a student

This is like the advert for people who need glasses! 

drivethru talking to trash can

The cherry on top of a bad day… 

flunking job interview walked into coat closet

Because nothing screams ‘I like you’ like ‘get out of my school’! 

get out of my school crush letter

But, did he say anything?!

googled a guy before meeting him got caught

Who doesn’t see inside the car as they’re climbing in though?!

got into the wrong car

The poor carpet cleaner must be thinking ‘that’s not part of my damn job’! 

grill me a cheese carpet cleaning service

When you say the first thing that comes to mind…

have a great day thanks have a great baby

We bet she had fun explaining that one! 

hot guy stepped back into my hands as i pretended to squeeze

We read this as ‘lighthouse keeping’ at first! 

light housekeeping lighthouse keeping

We want to thank these people for sharing their embarrassing stories as they have certainly brightened up our day! They have also made us feel a lot better about our own awkward encounters. We are firm believers that seeing the funny side of a situation makes it a lot less stressful. However, we can safely say that we are glad we weren’t mixed up in these embarrassing occurrences! Keep going to read even more amusing stories that will leave you cringing for the people involved!

What not to say to a stranger… 

love the whole blonde hair blue eyes thing so did hitler

We need to get our hands on one of these plants just so we can use this joke… 

sage plant flowers before rain

We have no words… 

scratching cats bumhole died a little

Sometimes our brains really don’t help us out…

sex isnt that great because youre not doing it with me

We bet the wife had some questions about this! 

sex shop nice to see you again

This would leave us mortified! We understand why she ran… 

someone limping towards me what happened to you

This just goes from bad to worse!

stepped on someones foot then cupped their boobs

There’s nothing wrong with standing out! 

tbt when i dressed as the babadook

One of those moments you literally want the ground to swallow you up… 

that dirty old man is trying to hit on you

The poor tree… 

tree boyfriend boy kicked it

Oh, the shame! Hopefully the other customer saw the funny side. 

tried on another customers coat in Tkmaxx

We wonder how long he was stuck in there? 

went into the womens stall by accident

Quick thinking from the teacher! 

wet myself during nativity

We’ve all been there… 

wrong side at gas station twice