People Reveal What It’s Really Like Growing Up Without A Mom

Mothers are permanent fixtures in one’s life, and it’s sad when some people don’t get to experience having one. A female figure, like a mother is important to build love and affection. While a father can give teach you those things, growing up with a mother is just different. And because growing up without a mom is really difficult, and here are some stories.

Having to live without the most important female figure is hard. Here we have some people reveal what it’s really like growing up without a mom.


When you lack a specific kind of love in your life:


And sometimes you look for it from someone else.


Sometimes fathers play the role of that important figure in our life.


It sucks when you don’t have that mother you can rely on.


When your mother is physically present, but emotionally absent:


When the thing you want most is your mother:


Having both of your parents is truly a blessing.


When your dad made sure you grow up with everything you need:


Pretty sure you’re not the only one feeling this way.



When the pain of not having a mother is something no one should experience:


Something parents should really take seriously.


This is heartbreaking.


Cancer does really suck.


When people just don’t understand how hard it is:


Dads make such amazing mothers too.


When you are not the only one affected in a difficult situation:


When you feel alone:



Losing a mother at such a young age is beyond difficult.


Losing a mother and a best friend is terrible.


Because sometimes, praying is the only thing that will comfort you.