Photoshop Expert Takes People’s Requests “Literally” And It’s Hilarious

There’s a Photoshop genie who can grant your every photo-editing wishes come true. May it be a simple request or a complicated one; he will do the job for you. His name is James Fridman and you can avail of his services for free on Twitter. But let me warn you beforehand. This genie will take your request literally and if you’re not careful with your words, you may end up like these people:


16.  Who needs a plastic surgeon?

15.   Poof! Just like that!

14.   Wish granted! Another happy customer!

13.   Well, you asked for it.

12.   He will definitely lend you a HAND.

11.   Daddy, look away!

10.   The next time you make a request, make sure you spelled every word correctly.

9.   This is perhaps every girl’s dream.

8.   He can also be a good hairstylist.

7.   The case of the inflated boobies.

6.    Every time you feel alone, the King of Pop shall pop up.

  5.  This one looks good for a movie poster.

4.    The Jurassic love story

3.    His magic is even better than Harry Potter’s!

2.    How hard is it to spell that word correctly?!

 1.    Mommy, I shrunk daddy!

Source: Twitter