Crazy Beauty Hacks That Actually Do The Job


We all have some brilliant tried and tested beauty hacks up our sleeves for those times where we run out of the products we need. Or, how about when we oversleep and have to look picture perfect in 10 minutes? It’s always awesome to discover more tips and tricks to keep looking, and feeling, as good as possible. With these 10 crazy beauty hacks you’ve hit the jackpot! Check them out and let us know of any awesomely weird beauty hacks you love!


Conditioner doubles up as a really good shaving gel. Just don’t try it the opposite way, shaving gel doesn’t work so great on your tresses!


The naturally-occurring acid in strawberries is perfect for breaking down tooth stains. Just rub one over your teeth and then brush as usual!


Scrubbing your lips with a ‘Vaseline’-covered toothbrush is a great way to exfoliate your lips.


Flaky eyeliner pencils are a thing of the past when you freeze them before putting on your makeup. If you love the look of liquid eyeliner instead, just heat up the tip of your eyeliner pencil and it will glide across your lash line!


Brushing with activated charcoal is awesome for whitening teeth (and for frightening family members)!


Olive oil is great for removing waterproof makeup!


Massage some beer into clean, damp hair, wait for a few minutes and then rinse it off. Your hair will be super soft!


Regular dryer sheets are awesome for securing flyaway hairs. Simply run a sheet over your hair and style!


When you don’t have time to do your roots, dab an appropriate colored eye shadow on to the offending hairs!

And finally, to really build those lashes, simply coat them in mascara, apply some baby powder and then another coat of mascara. Easy!

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