15 Hilarious Times That Parents Had To Get Creative

Although it can be extremely rewarding, nobody ever said that parenting was easy! In fact, it can be downright challenging from time to time. That’s why moms and dads sometimes have to get creative to get things done. It might be a creative form of punishment, some very clever bribing/manipulation, or even just something fun and awesome. Here are 15 parents who have worked with what they’ve got and found an awesome child-raising method. If you want some tips for yourself, then check this out!

This clever parent who has the tooth fairy on their side.

This parent knows the greatest story song ever told.

This parent is always up for winter fun.

This parent who has got some blackmail material for later in life.

This parent who has the best wake up call ever.

This parent who will force their kids to get along, if necessary.

This dad who has figured out how to get some gaming time while watching the baby.

This parent who knows the secret to awesome forts.

These parents who made the best out of a bad situation.

This parent who has the distraction technique down.

This parent who is not afraid to bargain in order to get chores done.

This parent who is fighting gender stereotypes with…. some success. 

This dad who has found a convenient carry case for his toddler.

This parent who didn’t want their baby to miss out on the Halloween fun.

This mom who knows how to have fun!

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