13 Problems That Pregnant People Will Understand


Some people love being pregnant, and others only go through it just to get to the prize at the end! Even if you do enjoy being pregnant, you can't deny that it still has a few negatives. Especially as you get bigger and your baby gets more active in there, you'll find yourself encountering a number of issues, from the slightly inconvenient to the downright unpleasant. Pregnant mom, Line Severinsen, knows how difficult it can be at times, and decided to illustrate the trials and tribulations of pregnancy. Line posts her hilarious illustrations up on her website 'Kos og Kaos' (which translates to 'cuddles and chaos'), and on Instagram where they're translated into English. Let's take a look!
Website: Kos & Kaos
















If you are or ever have been pregnant, do you think these illustrations are accurate? 

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