17 Great Ideas Every Parent Should Know


Bringing up your children can be tough at the best of times! Make your life easier with some simple tips and tricks that will also make their little faces smile. Whether you're dealing with monsters under the bed or tears at bath time, there's bound to be something here that everyone will be able to use.


Stop kids from worrying at night by making a monster spray with an old bottle, water and some cute decorations.

monster spray






Use a fan to keep a fort up.

fan sheet fort



Stop little fingers from getting slammed with cut up pool noodles on doors.

pool noodle



Never lose your little ones in public again with these awesome mittens.


cheese guide



Use temporary tattoos for outings.


Feed medicine through a hole in a pacifier to make it easier.




Now your baby can help out with the chores!

baby mop onesieFind it here: Baby Mop Onesie



These are a great way for other people to tell your twins apart.


Keep them warm with this fun hat.

knight helmet hatFind it here: Knight Helmet Hat


old lotion bottles



DIY hammock from a sheet tied around a table.


Flatten a cardboard box for a makeshift stairs slide! (Make sure your careful though!)

cardboard stairs slide



There'll be no more tears at bath time.

baby shower cap

Find it here: Baby Shower Cap


Heat two bowls at a time for impatient children.

microwave bowls



Use cupcake wrappers with popsicles to catch sticky drips.

cupcake paper