10 Fun Snack Ideas That Kids Will Love


Growing children need to eat. So much so, it can feel as though they are hungry and pestering you for food all the time! As well as their meals, kids, of course, love to snack. For a busy parent, hunting down snacks kids actually like (which are also convenient and easy to prepare) can sometimes be a real mission. If you are running out of ideas or inspiration when it comes to feeding your child, look no further than this post. Here, you'll find ten awesome ideas to keep both you and your kids happy. Check these ten child-friendly 'snack tips' out.


Create a 'snack station' full of healthy treats for your fridge. Even if you're too busy, your kids will be able to easily help themselves.


Apples have always been a favorite snack. Pity they go brown after cutting! Minimize this by placing a rubber band around the cut apple. It prevents discoloration!


Make sandwiches much more fun by using fun cookie cutters to shape the bread.


Avoid the clutter of a myriad of cups on your kitchen bench. A magnetic cup your child can stick to the fridge and go back to throughout the day is pure genius. Learn how to make one here.



Breakfast doesn't have to be an ordeal. Assemble a quick and easy breakfast bar and let your kids help themselves.


Make fruit all the more appealing to your kids by serving it in an ice cream cone! Find instructions here.

Avoid the usual drippy mess associated with popsicles. Make your kids some home-made Jello popsicles and ensure they get to savor every last drop of the sweet goodness. Full instructions here.


Create your own tube-style 'go-gurt' for an easy, healthy snack to keep in the fridge. Recipe here.

Find these here.


Another inventive and creative way to make fruit more interesting and appetizing for your kids. Banana dolphins! Who would have thought?

Reinvent the grilled cheese sandwich by simply rolling it up. Kids will love it!

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