10 Reasons Why Pacey From ‘Dawson’s Creek’ Was A Total Heartthrob


'Dawson's Creek' might be one of the best '90s shows of all times, even if it did stretch on into the early '00s. So, let's face it, if you're of a certain age, we're sure that you still hold a soft spot for this awesome show. And, of course, we all know that Pacey was definitely the right guy for us! So, here we have ten reasons why Pacey Witter was a total heartthrob! Take a look and lets us know your thoughts in the comments!


Because his smile could make your heart melt.


Because he put himself out there, even when he was scared.


Because he said things like this…



Because he really knew how to look at a girl!


Because he could identify emotionally significant jewelry.


Because he could always be honest about his feelings when he needed to be!


Because he spoke the truth on this one.


Because he made his intentions clear!


Because he bought Joey a wall and it was the best gift ever!


Because we cared about him enough that we were ecstatic when he finally got his happy ending!

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