Other Guys Flirt With These Wives and Their Husbands Love It

Men are supposed to be enraged with jealousy when others guys flirt with their wife, but this is not the case for some husbands.

Strangely enough, there are husbands out there who enjoy watching other guys flirt with their wives when they are in public. Seeing other men desire their partner somehow boosts their ego and the idea definitely turns them on. There’s nothing wrong with flaunting a beautiful wife that can draw other guy’s attention, as long as there are limitations to observe. This means that these husbands have set a line that determines where flirting is inadmissible. Here are some confessions from women with husbands who find enjoyment in watching other guys flirt with their wife.



The mystery of male ego.

A unique way to spice up a relationship.

The joy of getting the attention of others.

Some people are just too permissive.

A healthy competition to juice up a relationship.

Being proud of what he has.

Getting some freebies by letting other guys flirt with your woman.

As long as it’s harmless, it’s good.

The art of making additional money.

Like a bait for hungry sharks…

Drawing the line to set boundaries.

That is one clever ploy.

Absence makes the heart grow fonder.

Seeing your husband flaunt you to the world is kinda gratifying.

Enjoy the party while it lasts.

Watch and learn.

A desirable wife is every man’s dream.

What a strange hobby…

My friends are your friends.

A husband finds a way to raise his wife’s self-confidence.