15 Amazing Organization Ideas For Kids


Sometimes you look at your kid's bedroom or playroom and you could swear that a bomb went off. If you're sick of clutter and stepping on pieces of Lego (the worst!), then these organization ideas are for you. It might seem hopeless, but you'll find that once you've got a few organizational systems in place, you and your child can work together to keep their play areas neat and tidy. Sure, it probably still won't look like a page from a Pottery Barn catalog, but it's a step in the right direction and will help save your sanity.


This Wall Utility System takes up much less room than A-board style chalkboards and easels.

Pottery Barn Kids


Wall-mounted storage helps keep floors and surfaces clutter-free.

Land of Nod


Vintage suitcases make adorable, and portable, toy storage boxes.

Land of Nod

Clear storage boxes make it easier to for kids to find the toys they want and prevents the need to empty every storage box to find that one thing they were looking for.

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Keep Lego neat by storing it according to color.

I Heart Organizing


Clear stackable storage boxes are extremely handy.

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Shoe storage can easily be repurposed to hold toys.

Momo Design


Pegboards make it easier to implement hanging storage solutions.



Colored milk crates are both fun and functional.

Land of Nod



These hanging metal pots are great for storing small items.

Pottery Barn Kids


Mesh drawers allow kids to see in without opening them, and select what they want more easily.

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These labeled storage baskets fit perfectly in their cubbies and look amazing.

Pottery Barn Kids


Corner shelving helps utilize space more effectively.

Pottery Barn Kids


Chalkboard paint can be useful for encouraging kids to keep everything in its proper place, plus it eliminates the need for a bulky chalkboard.

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Activity tables with built-in drawers give you that extra bit of storage space.

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