14 Comics That Sum Up Adult Life In A Hilariously Accurate Way


Life as an adult is a funny old thing. When you’re younger, you think that your thoughts and feelings will change dramatically as you grow up and one day you’ll feel like a real adult. But, the older you get the more you come to realize that will probably never happen and you’ll perpetually feel like a kid with way too many concerns and responsibilities. Artist Mari Andrew has perfectly explained modern day adult life in her awesome comics posted to Instagram and we totally relate. So, check out these fourteen comics that sum up adult life in a hilariously accurate way!



When you feel like you meet the same people over and over.


When you realize you’ve been ghosted.


It’s even possible to graph the happiness in your adult life.


Things might seem hard now, but know that it will all make sense when you look back on it.


You may as well have a calendar for your anxieties.


When what you say isn’t exactly what you mean.


We all have a tendency to overanalyze when things don’t feel right.


The Google search history of a modern day adult.


That moment when you realize how different your crushes feel now compared to your college days.


Your concerns might be predictable but they definitely change with age.


Most of us have a “just in case” section of our closets…


Defining yourself as an adult is more simple, but probably less genuine.


When you realize all you want from a significant other is for them to text you back.


When you know you’re totally fabulous and the haters can suck it.

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