After He Showed Me His Method To Killing Mosquitos I Haven’t Been Bit In My Yard Since

When the sun is shining and it’s a nice temperature outside, naturally you want to enjoy it. But, there’s often something that ruins it massively… mosquitoes. The pesky little things not only buzz around annoyingly, but they can leave people with severe bites that leave them feeling itchy and sore.

Parties, weddings and day to day life is made less pleasurable by mosquito attacks and unfortunately for some people, they seem to be targeted more than others. There are some solutions that people tend to try which include candles and bug sprays but these don’t always seem to be fully effective. Here we have a preventative measure that could change your life and rid you of mosquitoes once and for all!

Mosquito Trap

What we love about this method is that you will no longer have to spray chemicals onto your skin. You’ll need a high velocity fan, for example, a ‘MaxxAir High Velocity Air Circulator’ will do the job nicely! You can pick one up at Home Depot. Next, you will need some 70% isopropyl rubbing alcohol, some heavy duty magnets and some fine mesh mosquito netting.

Firstly, cut a piece of your netting so that it is big enough to cover one side of the fan. Then use the heavy duty magnets to secure the netting to your fan. Please make sure the fan’s cord is tucked in as closely as possible to it’s body. Next, dilute your rubbing alcohol with 50% water (this makes it less flammable) and then put the solution into a spray bottle. Being careful not to hit the fan’s motor, spray the netting with the solution.

When you want to remove the netting, spray a piece of white cardboard with your solution, lay it on the floor in front of the fan, and then gently remove the magnets. You’ll be shocked to see how many mosquitoes have been caught! Hundreds if not thousands should be visible on the white cardboard.

The alcohol mixture disintegrates, so, you can leave them out to be eaten by other creatures or simply throw your card board in the bin. Not only is this an effective form of mosquito control but there’s also no clean up hassle!

If you prefer having a visual instruction, you can find all the above information in the video below! If you try out this method, let us know your results in the comments section below!