You Can Now Get A Mini Blueberry Funnel Cake Topped With Cheesecake Ice Cream At Disney

We’ve already established that Disney makes some of the most magical treats in the world. And this year, they’re proving their prowess yet again at the 2020 Epcot International Flower & Garden Festival. This annual event is considered to be Disney World’s main Spring highlight where fantastical landscapes and delicious offerings bloom to delight taste buds. And the mini blueberry funnel cake is reportedly this year’s must-try treat, according to Disney Food Blog.

So, Disney has been serving us some seriously delicious funnel cakes over the years. And each one has always managed to up the ante every time. This time, the minifunnel cake combines a lot of surprising complementary flavors that go well with Spring’s vibrant mood. It features a motley of delightful flavors that’ll surely dazzle your taste buds this season!


Despite it’s size, the mini blueberry funnel cake packs a lot of flavor

So, according to its official description, the funnel cake is “topped with lemon cheesecake ice cream, blueberries and powdered sugar”. From the looks of it, this year’s mini cake comes with a generous helping of big, juicy blueberries and a swirl of whipped topping atop the lemon cheesecake icing. Finally, a periwinkle-colored drizzle tops it all off. And the lucky tasters from the Disney Food Blog seem to like it because they had this to say:

“The blueberry and lemon combo is perfect and it’s just the right amount of sweet. The ice cream brings a nice level of tartness and a good amount of creaminess. Plus, it’s got a lot of great lemon flavor without any of the pucker! We recommend this dessert for one hungry sweets-lover or to share if you’re trying a lot at the fest!”

You won’t want to miss this loaded funnel cake and you can try the cakes for $7 apiece at the Funnel Stand in the American Adventure Pavilion. Epcot’s International Flower & Garden Festival started on March 4th and will run through June 1st, so you’ve got some time to plan a trip with your fellow Disney diehards.


We seriously can’t get enough of this blueberry beauty

Source: Disney Food Blog