17 Creative Ways To Reuse Kitchen Cutlery


Planning on purchasing new kitchen utensils? Well don't throw out your existing ones as you could reuse them as home decor! These 17 creative ways to reuse your kitchen cutlery are a great way to put that old cutlery to good use! They could make a great gift idea for someone, or you could just keep them for yourself and enjoy the attention they receive from family and friends!


First you need to flatten the bowl of a large spoon. Next, bend the stem into a handle shape and attach it to the kitchen cupboard of your choice. You can even stamp the contents of each cupboard on to the spoons so your kitchen can be super-organized!


This fork photo stand can be made in minutes. It's so cute and quirky.


Spray paint gives a colorful and contemporary edge to traditional looking utensils.


This cool hand drawn tutorial tells you all you need to know about making these cool fork egg cups. You will have to find your own muscle man though!


Spray paint your utensils white and mount them in a white frame. Easy, clean-looking and so stylish!


This quirky chandelier is a real talking point and looks amazing in a dining area.


For cool and inexpensive wind chimes, this design is unbeatable.


Creative contemporary jewelry lovers will enjoy making these quirky fork pendants.


Get a fork. Bend. Secure. Tuck curtain behind. Beautiful!


These cool key chains are made with the bowls of spoons hammered flat and stamped.



Always losing your keys? Fear not as these utensil key holders are easy to make and look simply amazing! You will want to buy more keys just to hang them up!


A fun dinner party idea, which also disguises out of shape handles. This yarn wrapped silverware will start a new trend among your friends!


Clay and plastic doll eyes… just what everyone needs at the dinner table!


This ring is pretty and contemporary. Make your own by taking the head off a fork, filing any rough edges and bending.


Bend large old spoons and fix them to the wall. They're great for storing bits and bobs.


This lampshade is made with 40 knives, forks and spoons hung from wire. It looks quaint, but 'cutting edge' too!


Transform a plain fork into a contemporary bracelet by following this video tutorial.