These Birds Have Been Discovered Evolving In A Revolutionary Way That You Have To See To Believe


Evolution is an extremely interesting subject. The act of adapting to surroundings and developing innovative defense mechanisms is vital for a species survival. But, what the 'Amazonian Cinereous Mourner' chick is now thought to be doing is especially amazing. The little chicks, defenseless whilst they are too young to fly, have been spotted looking like a poisonous caterpillar called the Flannel Moth. Predators are used to avoiding Flannel Moth caterpillars as their poison is seriously deadly, so much so that it could kill or seriously harm a human. Take a look!
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Here's the defenseless chick…



and here is the poisonous caterpillar.


Caterpillar or chick?



The bird not only shapes itself like a caterpillar, but uses the barbs at the tips of its feathers to replicate the caterpillar's appearance.


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