14 Awesome Digitally-Designed Minimalist Tattoos


For years tattoos have been filled with meaning, from swallows meaning a sailor has sailed 5000 miles, to anchors for stability, to a teardrop showing you’ve killed a man. Those might be extreme examples, but most people have some sort of meaning behind their ink, or at least make up a meaning to explain bad tattoo choices. But, what if you want a tattoo that doesn’t mean anything at all? One that’s basically just a design feature? If this sounds like you, you might like these minimalist digitally-designed tattoos from Russian body artist, Stanislaw Wylczynski. These clean geometric shapes look cool but mean nothing, although maybe that concept has meaning in itself! Check out these fourteen awesome tattoos and see for yourself.



We love the uneven zig-zag look of this one.


This tattoo is subtle and tucked away but super effective.


The fact this piece of ink is bold and powerful really makes it.


This design fits so nicely at the nape of the neck and down the top of the back.


These matching tatts are adorable.


These lines forming a circle makes for a really interesting design.


It’s almost like having permanent bangles.


This reminds us of a sort of deconstructed ladder.


We love the simplicity of this design.


X marks the spot.


You probably wouldn’t even notice these tiny dots at first glance.


This one’s composed in a really interesting way.


This tattoo makes us think of a stretched out barcode.


The thick band of solid black looks awesome.

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