14 Kids’ Lullabies That Are Actually Pretty Scary


Lullabies are supposed to be soothing, right? You'd think so, given their purpose is to sing babies and youngsters into a peaceful night's dreaming in the land of nod. Yet many lullabies from all around the world, are actually pretty scary, when you listen to the lyrics rather than just the melody. Whether it's the threat of a child-eating alligator, a cannibalistic kidnapper or a hungry wolf, many lullabies cover subject material that is just downright freaky, especially for a little kid! Listen to the below 14 lullabies and see what we mean… that's if you dare to! Check it out!

Cannibalistic kidnappers are out there!



'Three Depressing Deaths'.



Italian song sings of pawning off a kid.



The baby's flesh starts what?



'Russian Cliffhanger'.



A crab is going to eat you!



'The Hearse Song', light and cheerful… not!



'Stop Crying, You Look Ugly', charming.



A creepy face at the window…



A wolf is going to eat you!



'Rock-a-bye Baby' is actually pretty odd.



It's all nice until someone comes to chop off baby's head!



Why would you leave your child in a field?



This lullaby features a child-eating alligator!

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