Rick Satava Creates Stunning Blown Glass Jellyfish


Rick Satava first became intrigued by jellyfish on a trip to the 'Monterey Bay Aquarium' in the late 1980s. He was mesmerized by the way that they glide through water and shortly after he started to attempted to recreate the way they move in the form of blown glass sculptures. By 1990, he began to see his jellyfish sculptures develop which clearly proved popular, because by 2002 he was selling around 300 of these gorgeous sculptures each month. With their translucent bodies jellyfish do actually resemble blown glass, which might be why these sculptures in this medium work so well. Satava uses a technique that is known as 'glass in glass' to present his sculptures, which is when a glass sculpture is dipped into a second layer of glass.This allows him to craft delicate tentacles without the risk of them breaking and also gives the appearance that his jellyfish really are floating through clear water! Check them out!
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