The Best And Worst Funny Pieces Of Advice From Dads

Dads often have your best interests at heart. However, when it comes to giving words of wisdom, they tend to be totally hit and miss. You might have a dad who tries really hard to steer you in the right direction but fails miserably, or, you might have a dad who effortlessly leads you in a great direction. Either way, we’re sure you’ve heard some hilarious things throughout your life! Here we have a collection of the best and worst funny pieces of advice from dads. Take a look and see what you think!
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We like this. We can’t all be great, all of the time. Being able to adapt to different situations is a great skill! 

Oh dear! You must be able to take responsibility for your own actions! 

An interesting theory! 

This dad makes a very good point! 

We hope that he wasn’t encouraging the last two ‘payment methods’! 

Hell hath no fury like a dad with a broken hearted daughter!

You can’t beat a good inspirational quote sometimes! 

Keep Going To See More!

Not quite the ending we expected! Brilliant. 

This does seem like some pretty good advice, indeed! 

A good way of handling a child’s fear of monsters! 

This isn’t the best words of wisdom we’ve ever heard but it does make some sense, we guess!

Over suspicious or spot on?

An over protective dad in a nutshell… 

We’ll never look at this phrase in the same way again!