14 Hilarious Wedding Cake Fails You Will Love


Weddings take a lot of planning and preparation and it's so easy to overlook small details, but your wedding cake?? Come on! Isn't that a pretty important part of the day? We think so and we are totally wondering what planet the newly married couples who bought/made these 14 'things' were on when they chose their cake designs. Take a look at these 14 of the most hilarious wedding cake fails ever and see just what we mean.


Aaagh my eyes hurt!


Is this a fail or a win? We're not entirely sure!


There is something about this shade of yellow which makes us nauseous.


Sushi is amazing but for some reason this cake is just wrong.


A cool cake, but for a wedding?



green mess cake



Just what is this meant to be anyway?


Has this cake-topper wife just shot her new husband because of this hideous monstrosity she's having to stand on?



At least they tried.


Surely this is a mistake??


Disappointing or what?


A big pile of cake, fail or win? You decide.


Think of the plight of the dozens of strawberries which were imprisoned in order to create this thing.


We hope the happy couple are out of therapy and leading normal lives again after having this as their wedding cake!