Kenguru Car Built For The Wheelchair User


Being in a wheelchair can be frustrating when it comes to wanting to drive somewhere. Well not anymore with this awesome invention! The creators of a new model of car, called the Kenguru, hope their innovative new design will help to give wheelchair users the independence they deserve.

Website: Kenguru



Kenguru is a single person electric car that the wheelchair user can actually position their wheelchair inside of. 

How? Well, the car's clever design allows wheelchair users to simply open the back of the car, and wheel their chair directly into the car.  


The car's website shows it available for preorder in two colors so far, white and yellow.




Kenguru's interior looks more like a motorcycle, with handle bars instead of a steering wheel.


Its only downside is that the current model is classed as a Low Speed Vehicle, meaning it is unable to be driven on US highways.


Kenguru Austin, Texas-based founders are currently taking pre-orders and hope to begin production soon. 

This smart little car and the woman behind it, Stacey Zoern, a wheelchair user herself, even got the attention of President Obama, as you can see in the video below:


Watch the video below


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