DIY Penny Projects That Won’t Cost Too Much Money


If you’re looking for a project to really sink your teeth into, these penny creations are awesome and they won’t cost the earth either! Open up your piggy bank and take a look down the back of the couch for all the pennies you can find and take inspiration from these 21 DIY projects. There are plenty of ideas for the home as well as for friends and family and no special skills or talents are needed to create these items! Check them out!

This coin collage is easy to make and looks great!

Different shades of coins were used to commemorate important family dates in this wall hanging.


Make an 8-bit style Mario for your kid’s room!


Create a meaningful wall hanging by using pennies made during your loved ones birth years.


These coin coasters look awesome!


A kitchen panel made from pennies will be a real talking point when guests come over.


This coin floor looks very cool! 


Brighten up a tired old cabinet by adding penny panels!


Pebbles and coins bring a new lease of life to a tired old bird house!


Tile a bowling ball with pennies to create a cool garden feature.


Stamp a meaningful phrase into a coin and turn it into a necklace!


These decal penny pendants are so sweet.


Simply drill holes and link pennies together to make an unusual bracelet.


Turn pennies into buttons with a doming block and a mallet from a hardware store!


Make a penny ring to go with your penny bracelet!


Press foreign coins and make a beautiful charm bracelet to remind you of your vacation.


Some enamel powder and water will transform your pennies into beautiful charms!


If your table is old and tired-looking, cover it with a mosaic of coins!


This coin mirror can be made on a small budget.


These copper letters looks incredible on any wall.


Bring a modern look to an old vase by covering it with pennies!

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