11 Inappropriate And Weird Kids Toys

Children, for all their tantrums, endless questions, demands, naughtiness and general bleating, are essentially innocent creatures… especially when compared to us corrupt, cynical, jaded adults! They’ll play happily with any new toy you give them, even if it’s highly inappropriate or just plain weird. If you want to preserve your kids’ innocence, we highly recommend you do not get them one of the below 11 toys. Who wants their kid playing with a toy meth lab, or fake cigarettes, anyway? Take a look!

Shave the baby… okay.


Because a baby is supposed to have a baby, right?

Yes, dolls’ heads belong inside horses.

Babies should so have mini bars, right?

Toys should not be stored like this…

…or this!


Let’s go play with the meth lab!


This will totally freak a baby out!

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