12 Rare And Unusual Species Of Wild Cat You Probably Didn’t Know Existed


While we're all familiar with big cats, having seen pictures of them or visiting zoos, you may be surprised to know there are plenty of other wild cat species out there in this big, wide, world. These wild kitties may not be as big as lions, tigers, leopards or jaguars, but as you'll see from the images, they certainly differ from your average household feline! Cats evolved into a distinct family, known as the 'Felidae' family, about 25 million years ago. They gradually spread across the world and different species developed different features, according to their environments and evolutionary needs! Take a look at these awesome cat species!


Bay Cat




Fishing Cat




Leopard Cat



Pampas Cat


Clouded Leopard




Black-footed Cat


Sand Cat


Pallas Cat


Canadian Lynx