How To Always Get The Best Price On Your Flight Tickets


Traveling is one of the most fun hobbies around. Getting to see new places and meeting new people is awesome. We would travel 24/7, 365 days of the year if we could, if only it wasn't so very expensive. What with the price of the flights, as well as luggage fees and tax, you need to save for what seems like months if you want to travel by air! Don't worry though, we have some awesome advice for getting the best flight deals every time you book!


Whatever you do, don't book your tickets on a Saturday as prices are at their highest then.

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Even if Saturday is your only day off, you should wait it out. You'll be thankful you did.

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You see airlines start their sales on a Monday when sales are slowest.

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However by Tuesday there is a price war going on between the airlines which drives prices right down. Studies show that a Tuesday at 3pm EST is the one time when flight prices are at their very lowest. Now that's something to remember!

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