Women Who Used Their Hair To Make Wonderful Beards That Will Make You Laugh

As with many things in life, beards are a personal preference. Some loathe them whilst others find them inexplicably attractive, both for the person beholding the beard, and, those faced with them on other people. Traditionally, when you think of a beard, it’s usually a male that comes to mind, however, there is a new trend among females using their hair to create unique and hilarious ‘beards’ that will leave you both confused and amused! Here we have 15 awesome examples of this, take a look and see if you find yourself inspired!

Here we have a simply groomed straight beard, with a plait mustache. 

A more realistic design for those going for the legit look…

Simple, yet effective!

This is perfect for when you go to a fancy dress themed party as a pirate!

Those are some crazily long locks!

Such beautiful waves…

The facial expression really adds to the look of this beard!

A blonde beauty like you’ve never seen before…

This girl reminds us that beards come in all shapes and sizes!

This plait mustache is awesome!

The multi tonal effect on this beard makes it a rather beautiful one!

A fishtail plait really adds to this look!

This girl’s lovely hair color makes this beard wonderfully unique.

What makes a beard even better? Flowers!

For those wanting a more sophisticated look…