These Awesome Body-Positive Illustrations Will Put You In A Great Mood

We all know how fashion magazines and the mainstream media tend to promote a certain look, but for the majority of humans out there, this isn’t realistic or healthy. So, what’s the answer? Should we hide away, being ashamed of our bodies, trying desperately to morph ourselves into supermodels? Or, should we own the body we live in and celebrate it for doing all the awesome things that it does? Well, we don’t know about you, but we opt for the latter! And, Joanna Thangiah certainly does, too, as she’s created these awesomely colorful illustrations filled with lashings of sass, body-positive messages and unicorns, of course. Take in what Joanna has to say, because everyone deserves to feel excellent, simply for being who they are!
Website: Joanna Thangiah on Instagram

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