15 Incredible Surreal Fantasy Universes That Will Leave You Mesmerized – Part 1

France based artist Cyril Rolando has an incredible talent for digital painting. Cyril (who works under the name AquaSixio) combines both enchanting, vibrant colors with human emotions to create pieces that leave the viewer in awe. Coming under both the fantasy and surreal genres, Cyril’s paintings take you away from the harsh realities of the real world, transporting you to beautiful places you’d much rather be. However, you’ll notice many of the images have sad undertones, so take your time looking through to really appreciate the meanings behind them! And, don’t forget to check out part 2 of this post series!
Website: DeviantArt

Can you imagine seeing this at the beach?

Despite this man being chained… he looks wonderfully free.

If only paintings did this in real life. 

Look closely at the lashes.

A frozen heart.

A kiss within a kiss.

We wonder what these women are supposed to be thinking.

Holding hands on a pair of holding hands.

Don’t you find jellyfish are always so enchanting?

A candle waterfall.

Those fish look like they are having fun!

When a drummer gets in their zone, this is how it can feel.

Cyril creates eyes so beautifully.

Such a stunning dress.

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