These Elephants’ Awesome Annual Walk Through Lodge To Get Mangoes Is Captured On Camera


When the mangoes at 'Mfuwe Lodge', Zambia, start ripening, staff and guests know they're in for a very unique, rare treat. Because at that time of year the lodge is visited by a family of special individuals… each family member considerably larger than the average lodge guest! Who are these intrepid, annual interlopers? Astoundingly,  as you'll see in the video clip below, they're a family of elephants! Each year, led by the matriarch of the family (an animal dubbed 'Wonky Tusk'), the elephants tread carefully through the lodge's reception area, and out to the grounds. There, the mango tree with its ripe treasure awaits them. The elephants feast to their hearts' content and spend time frolicking on the property, before heading neatly back through the reception area and out back to where they came from! Take a look!



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