Awesome Things To Consider Subscribing To If You’re A Guy

If you’re a guy who suffers from the odd spot of boredom, and you have a bit of disposable income each month, then why not consider signing up for one or more guy-appropriate subscriptions? There are many available, and they aren’t all things like magazines! Whatever your interests, from hunting to chocolate to snazzy clothing, there’s a monthly subscription out there for you. Here we have a selection of awesome ones for you to browse. There are also some great ideas for Christmas presents! Take a look! 

‘Battlbox’ – This has everything a survivalist could want.

Nerds and geeks will love this ‘Nerd Block’!

Love music? Then ‘The Music Box’ may be for you!

‘JackedPack’ will help keep your gym physique in top form.

‘Bespoke Post’ is perfect for gadget and gizmo lovers.

‘TrunkClub’ sends you snazzy, personalized gear and you only keep what you want to buy!

‘Date in a Crate’ – Perfect for the smooth guys, or the hopeless romantics!

‘MeUndies’ deliver cool, new undies directly to your door.

Like Japanese sweets? Get them delivered to your door monthly, with the ‘Japan Crate’!

The ‘Dollar Shave Club’ sends you high quality shaving equipment.