15 Hair Styling Tips You Will Love – Part 2


So if you’ve read part 1 of the post (and if not, why not?!) you will already have a load of tricks up your sleeve to keep your hair looking great at all times. Still hungry for more ideas? Check out these 15 awesome hair styling hacks and share them with your friends! We are loving how simple these tricks are. You don’t even need any previous hair styling experience or skill to pull them off – epic!

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Give your hair a new lease of life by using a large barreled curling iron to fake a blowout

fake blowout


A small claw clip attached inside your ponytail will add volume. Instructions here

claw clip volume ponytail


Bobby pins should be used wavy side down. Yes, really!

bobby pins


After using your curling iron, pull the hair out straight to create beachy waves

blond curling iron
long hair pull


Different rolls produce different effects

hair curling techniques


Bobby pins look great as unusual graphic hair accessories

bobby pins graphic
bobby graphic


Do your bobby pins always fall out of your mega-straight hair? Simply spray them with hairspray before using!

sticky bobby pins


This could be the laziest hairstyling trick ever and it works!

no heat headband curls


Creating a double ponytail gives the appearance of fuller and more lustrous locks

double ponytail blond


Using a flat iron will temporarily get rid of your cowlick so your side-swept bangs are perfect! Instructions here

flat iron bangs
perfectly tamed bangs


Want to try out bangs without cutting your hair? Just sweep your ponytail over your forehead and stay out of high winds!

fake bangs ponytail


Know your brushes!

different brushes


Ever wondered about the correct way to curl your hair with a flat iron? Well now you know!

curling with flat iron


Keep your hairbrushes clean. Instructions here

how to clean brushes


Start from the middle of your hair when using a curling iron to keep your curls for longer

curling hair middle
curling hair middle result

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Don’t forget to check out Part 1 of this post below:
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