10 Gruesome Fairy Tale Truths That Will Change The Way You Look At Your Childhood Favorites

Most people will have numerous favorite fairy tales that they remember from their childhood. ‘Snow White’, ‘Cinderella’ and ‘Goldilocks and the three bears’, for example. However, you may be unaware that the original versions of these happy-ending stories have much darker, even gruesome, sides. We hope that these tales weren’t intended for children as they are enough to induce nightmares! They are extremely fascinating, though, and will definitely appeal to those who like the horror/gore genres. Take a look!

10 Pied Piper

9 Little Red

8 Mermaid

7 Snow White

6 Sleeping Beauty

5 Rumple

4 Goldilocks

3 Hansel And Gretal

2 Girl Without Hands

1 Cinderalla