Popular Graduation Traditions From All Over The World


Graduation tends to be both a happy and sad day. It's a day to celebrate everything the graduate has achieved, but it's also the end of an era and time for the graduating class to move on, so it can be quite emotional. You might know how graduation goes down in your native country, but did you know that different countries have their own unique graduation traditions? Some of them will be quite similar to what people are used to in the United States, but it's interesting to learn about some of the more weird and wonderful ones, from dressing up in hired wedding gowns in China to being doused in ketchup in Argentina. If you'd like to learn more about global graduation traditions, then check out this info graphic put together by the people over at 'Shutterfly'!

Website: Shutterfly





What's graduation like where you live? Do you have any unique traditions you'd like to share with us. Head to the comment section below to let us know!

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