12 Times You Totally Wanted To Give Up Being An Adult

When you’re a kid, all you want to do is grow up. But, once you’re ‘grown up’ you wish you could go back to the low-responsibility days of being a kid. What is it about turning 18 that makes you automatically fit to be considered an adult with adult responsibilities, anyway? We’re pretty sure that half the people in this world that are over 30 don’t even feel like real grown ups. That’s why we’re featuring these 13 times when you just really didn’t want to be an adult anymore. Check it out!

When you realized that your loving father and his lovely tools are hundreds of miles away.

When it dawned on you that you’re responsible for a tiny human.

When there was nobody else who was going to clean your room for you.

When you decided that lounging around in onsies > adulting.

When you discovered your new never ending story.

When you accepted how tragically true this is.

When you packed it all in and just got in the shopping cart.

When you figured out that you were never properly taught how to adult.

When your mountain of dishes gets past the point of no return.

When this is pretty much your life now.

And, this…

When you finally get that you’re supposed to be the responsible one now.

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