In These Luxury Condos You Can Actually Park Your Car Next To Your Living Room


Hamilton Scotts is a high-end condo complex in Singapore, inhabited by the super rich. Each apartment in the 30 floor building is gorgeous, but there's something even more notable about these homes than that. Thanks to what is essentially an elevator for vehicles, residents can park their fancy cars in a garage with glass walls, located adjacent to the living room. The idea is not just for convenience, it's also a way for expensive cars to be used as an element of home decor. That's great news if you drive a Lamborghini, but not so much if you're rocking a beaten up Le Baron from the early '90s. If you want the luxury of having one of these sky garages, it won't come cheap! Apartments in the Hamilton Scotts building generally sell for between $9.4 million and $23.5 million, and cost upwards of $11,000 per month to rent.








Pretty sweet! Take a look at this video if you want to see how the magic happens!



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