Laser Guided Scissors


Cutting straight lines has always been a pain, but with these laser guided scissors its never been easier! Great for arts and craft, documents or even cutting hair!

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  1. Tina Marie Smith

    I need these !

  2. Bunni Sushies

    if only these were fabric scissors.

  3. Elma Verduijn


  4. Wilfie Somogyi

    I'm sorry but how is this possibly going to work? If you move the scissors sideways the laser will move too, this is literally the worst invention ever.

    • Regina Nemni

      No, it's good because you need to point to your end-point and follow the laser. But you do need to know your end point, so you can aim properly.

    • Luke Young

      its still pretty retarded though.

    • Chi Ho Belnavis

      It's an awesome way to waste your money.

    • Gareth Stratton

      Of course if you cut freestyle, you will move the laser.. wheres your guide?
      You cut along a line. The laser lines up with the line. Jeez some people.

  5. Natali Maldonado

    To quiero estas para mi escuela….siiii siii.

  6. Midhat Xehra Xaidi


  7. Susheel Badhan

    I can get this for my mom.

  8. Justin Allen

    No my good sir/ma'am. That'd be ball in a cup.

  9. Tambe Benise

    Regina Nemni can it not hurt some 1

  10. Blaze Wizards

    there is, check more info 😉

  11. Sorath Peer Saad

    how to ordr in pakistan

  12. Lou Dubrulle

    call Matisse Viaene xp

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