28 Times Kids Gave Innocent Gifts That Made Adults Laugh Out Loud

Kids, although annoying at times, are brilliant. They come out with the funniest and strangest things. Not only this, but they also create and put together some rather amusing ‘presents’. Here we have a hilarious collection of images showing times kids gave innocent gifts to the adults in their lives. There’s everything from mother’s day and father’s day creations all the way to packing lunches. Some are pretty terrible, but that actually makes them more special and endearing. Take a look and see if you’ve received anything similar from your own offspring! 

This is what it looks like when a 4 year old packs your lunch for you. Not that bad if you ask us!

This seems legally binding to us. Definitely worth holding on to! 

When your kid draws you… 

Relax guys, it’s just sunflower seeds and raisins!

This waiter was tipped an eye patch by a 4 year old girl. Awesome! 

Wow. We weren’t expecting that! 

A father’s day breakfast fit for a king! 

At first glance, you see a lovely flower. But, look a little closer and things aren’t so innocent! 

Not the most impressed look we’ve ever seen! 

This made us giggle. 

This was actually meant to be ‘pennies’ as mummy was going to Vegas.

Don’t you just love an unexpected ending?

Well, this isn’t a lie! 

Woah! What an excellent mirror…

These images have really put a smile on our face. Not only are the ‘gifts’ involved hilarious, but it’s lovely to see the thought and effort that the kids have gone to in the hopes of pleasing their loved ones. These are the sorts of gifts that you will cherish forever, apart from maybe the inedible meals that are included! Hopefully the parents involved held on to the funny cards and gifts so that they can show their kids how cool they were once they are all grown up. Keep going to see even more times kids gave innocent gifts that made adults laugh out loud! 

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This little girl’s daddy is a medic… 

The best gift to receive on mother’s day? A box of (live) slugs, of course! 

We love the party poppers feature of this meal. Food should be celebrated! 

When you ask for mozzarella sticks…

A present that you’d be truly happy to receive! 

‘Would you like to be able to read minds?’

Scared is the emotion we would feel upon reading this.

We’re so glad the child who made this card was given permission to use this ‘sticker’ for daddy’s card… 

Stockings for mom and dad. Pretty good for an 8 year old!

A middle school student gave their teacher a rose that was actually thong underwear! Awkward! 

Aww. This little guy looks very proud of his waffle sandwich. 

If you’re stuck on what to write on a card for someone who is in the hospital, you could follow this kid’s example! 

That’s true appreciation and understanding! 

Well, this kid seems to understand how a parent/child relationship works!