15 Pictures That Show You Have A Comfortable Relationship


Whether you are married or in a long term relationship, these 15 photos will make you knowingly nod your head. During the first flushes of love, all couples are on their best behavior. However, as time passes and people get comfortable, it’s then their real selves come out. All those weird habits and quirks which were so endearing in the beginning can really begin to grate on you! Take a look at these people totally living the married life!


When your wife adjusts the age range for you.


This must be a coincidence.


The owner of this car doesn’t seem too happy!


When your other half looks after the baby like this!


When your husband wants a reward for cleaning out the cupboard.


When ‘Santa’ leaves messages like this for your child!


When your husband or wife replaces the toilet roll with a lint roller!


When your husband thinks this is the way to pack your baby a weekend bag!


This is just nasty!


Most of us can identify with this one.


This person is passionate about ‘Pop-Tarts’!


When your husband takes full responsibility!


When you try to go for a shower and see this!


When you ask your spouse to help you wrap some presents and this happens.


When you receive those cutesy little love notes that show they care!

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