Photographer Jenny Lewis Spent Five Years Capturing The First Day Of Motherhood With Heartwarming Results


Being a brand new mum has connotations of sleepless nights, exhaustion and shock, not to mention the pain. Yet the developing bond between mother and child during those precious first hours and days can never be forgotten. As mum and baby get to know each other, there is much satisfaction and joy and this is what photographer Jenny Lewis has captured in her touching photo series 'One Day Young'. Lewis spent five years capturing special moments between mothers and their babies, when they were aged just one day old. Of her work Lewis says, "I find the collection of images defiant and beautiful, challenging the expected vision of those first 24 hours, a pure celebration of what it means to be a mother." Check it out for yourself!
Website: jennylewis


Dilek and Noah.


Jenny and Nora.


Leda and Elektra.


Rebecca and Osiris.


Leanh and Lachlan.


Laure and Tyrick.


Mairead and Aro.


Clare and Henry.


Aga and Olympia.


Elizabeth and Anton.


Mairead and Fia.


Shenelle and Arissa.


Karla and River.


Veronika and Eden.



Xanthe and Louie.


Adoya and Nahia.


Anna and Sky.


Lottie and Lily.


Liana and Archer.


Meredith and Lina.


Frida and Ethan.


Marley and Etta.

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