Hilariously Clever Female Tricks That Every Girl Should Try

A woman knows the best way to handle life’s most difficult situations. All she needs is a few female tricks up her sleeve and she’s good to go! Almost all women are capable of thinking outside the box to solve problems in the most unusual way. As a result, they end up being successful at it. With their creativity and ingenuity, women always find ways to overcome any struggles that come in their ways. Let us show some hilarious examples of female tricks that may help other women (and men) solve many irritating problems.

Genius ideas for girls

Every woman knows the pain of walking in heels. Especially after a long night out. This is wear creativity comes in! If you’re out and about and feeling peckish. Go to your nearest food joint, pick up whatever you’re fancy and use the bags/packaging as feet protectors. Genius. Just make sure to wash your feet when you get home if you’re wearing a fast food bag…

female tricks
martynhett / twitter

Travelling on a plane can often be tiring. Especially if you catch a flight at ”OMG is that really the time o’clock”. I for one can never seem to fall asleep on planes. I don’t know what it is, but it just ain’t happening. It could be the upright seats that feel as if they are actually tilting towards the seat in front. Or it could be the limited leg room. If it’s the light causing you discomfort then maybe you had the solution on you this whole time! This clever lady is using her long hair to her advantage.

AdanEvin / imgur

The hidden purpose of sun visors has been revealed. I’ve seen monitors being hung on the back of the front seats for rear seated passengers before but I never really thought about the front seated passengers and what they could do. This is brilliant. One it’s blocking the sun from your eyes and two it’s not in anyone’s way. She’s even got it on charge! Genius.

kalebvn / twitter

Turn any water dispenser into a wine dispenser in two easy steps. Step one: Remove water from water dispenser. Step two: Pour wine into water dispenser. Step three: (I know I said two steps) Enjoy wine from wine dispenser. It’s like having your very own bar at home. Now this is an idea I can really get behind. What a great secret!

iliketweet / twitter

How to hide and sneak in snacks in places where you are not allowed to bring in foods. We all know how expensive things like going to the movie theater can be. Most of them make their money from pushing you their very over priced food options. Well no more! Using a bit of creativity you can do what this lady has done by making herself appear pregnant when in fact it’s just a secret ‘food’ baby!

AngelaBrisk / twitter


Selfie sticks are out. Shoes are in.

RedRain0418 / imgur

Corkscrew heels! Just what you need on a night out. 

Genius Life Hacks corkscrew stillletos

Amusing tips that women will understand

Drinking while driving won’t be a hassle anymore.

Sarah Hubler-Gutierrez / facebook

Time is running out! There’s no time to lose!


Barbie found a new purpose in life and she seems ecstatic about it.

78 / tumblr

This girl ‘tries on’ dresses from online stores using Photoshop! 

Clever Life Hacks tries on dresses photoshop

Bag and juice dispenser in one.


The patchwork of a woman who doesn’t know a thing about sewing.


Effortless hair extension.

unknown author / imgur

Who cares about the crust, right?

elenacresci / twitter

When your mom wants you to help with the baby but you’re busy, here’s a solution… 

Clever Life Hacks feeding bottle with foot

Use crown molding as an easy and effective way of storing your high heels.


And, a great way of holding on whilst on public transport. Never have to touch anyone else’s germs or battle for space again! 

Genius Life Hacks plunger on transport

Another clever way of hiding and sneaking in prohibited liquors.

jodiekinzzz / twitter

No eye mask? No problem. 

Genius Life Hacks hair sleep mask

If you’re in need of a wing mirror, apparently brushes with mirrors on the back work pretty well (short term)!

Genius Life Hacks hairbrush wing mirror

A clever way of sneaking alcohol into prohibited areas… 

Clever Life Hacks drink bottle wrap

How to sneak in alcohol into an alcohol-free zone?


This is how we kill our time.


The greatest protection against onions has been discovered.


No one will ever know you have pimples if you can cleverly conceal them like this.

sweetnessss / imgur

Cut pool noodles to fit the length of your boots to keep them stored upright.

Pool noodles inside boots

The future of cheating. We are impressed! 

Genius People cheat sheet nails

Just done your make up but then need a shower for some reason? Protect your masterpiece like so… 

Genius People protect make up in shower

If you run out of liquid eyeliner, just use a little mascara on a brush instead.

mascara eyeliner brush

Fix jeans that won’t stay up with a key ring.


Because people have different choices in different types of cereals…

BADGALRHYY / twitter

A great way to get the backs of your earrings when they fall off and roll under tight spaces.

stocking over end of vacuum

If you’re unsure whether a bra is right for you then see if you can fit two fingers under the band. If you can’t then it’s too tight and if you can with more then it’s too loose.

fingers for bra sizE

Seems like the joke’s on him. Don’t let your eyes deceive you.

Hilarita / imgur

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