14 Confessions From Disney Workers That Might Surprise You


Disney World is meant to be the magic kingdom and the happiest place on earth, but some of its workers would sure beg to differ! We can imagine that being happy and smiley all day can take its toll. Especially when visitors to the park are being rude to you, or kids are throwing tantrums all over the place. That said, some Disney workers still seem to think they’ve got the best job ever and are genuinely excited to work there, although we wonder how long that feeling will last! Check out these fourteen confessions from Disney workers that might surprise you.



A good rule to live your life by: Never tell anyone to smile.


Enjoy that feeling while it lasts.


What you expect isn’t always what you get.


This is actually a pretty cute story!


We can believe that easily.


At least it’s a learning experience.


That is pretty creepy.


Get out while you still can!


We’re glad to see that not everyone hates working at Disney.


Sad but true…


You can’t sit with us.


Say goodbye to your dreams.


Not what most parents would want to hear.


Now we know all the sordid details of Disney life.

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