12 Hilarious Images Of Dogs Described As Though They Were Humans


There are plenty of hilarious photos of dogs to be found on the internet, but these might just be some of our favorites. Basically, you take one photo of a dog in a wig, or even Photoshopped onto a human body, and then you add a caption describing them as though they were a person. We’re not sure what it is about these images that are so funny, but they’ve had us in stitches! You really have to see them first hand to really appreciate them, so we’ll stop talking about them and move on to the real deal! Here are twelve hilarious images of dogs described as though they were humans. Take a look!



Dwayne is just too cool.


Alan is a one-dog trad goth revival.


Erik is internally debating the futility of life.


That’s quite a quiff, Hank!


Oh, Jonathan. You’re just not as interesting as you think you are.


Don’t be a cliche, Gerrard. A creepy cliche.


Rick really needs to lay off the Fox News for a bit.


Gage means well, but he’s a little bit annoying.


A likely story, Colby.


Greg needs to reconsider his life choices.


Glad to see you back on your feet, Beth.


Poor Phil. At least he tried…

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