15 Facts That Prove Sharks Are Actually Pretty Awesome Creatures


Sharks have such a negative reputation. Ever since 'JAWS' was released back in 1975, people's fear of the creatures have reached almost hysteria-levels. Did you know, however, that their reputation as human-killing terror-machines is pretty much unjustified? There are so many awesome things about sharks that make these sea monsters fascinating! Take a look to find out more, and remember to share this post with your friends and family!


The 'Whale' shark is the world's biggest and can grow up to 60 feet long, even on its diet of tiny plankton!


During their migration from the Caribbean to the mid-north Atlantic, some tiger sharks traveled an incredible 4,660 miles!


Some species of shark, including this 'Salmon' shark, need to keep moving so that they can breathe!


Lots of sharks can actually dislocate their upper jaw to eat particularly large prey!


The biggest shark that ever existed was known as the 'Megalodon', and it lived 2 million years ago.



With almost 100 million sharks being killed annually, scientists are concerned that many shark species will become extinct in the future!


The 'Shortfin Mako' shark is the fastest in the world, swimming at speeds of up to 20 miles an hour!


'Blue' sharks binge-eat until they vomit then continue to eat. Ew!


The biggest 'Great White' that has ever been caught weighed almost 4,200 pounds and measured a gigantic 20 feet!


The 'Greenland' shark is poisonous to us humans, unless prepared correctly. The whole process takes five months so the shark is only eaten as a delicacy.



The 'Dogfish' shark is the most commonly found shark species in the world.


The 'Basking' shark has a liver which makes up a quarter of its entire body weight!



This bizarre-looking creature is a 'Wobbegong' shark, it latches onto its prey and will not let go!


This 'Frilled' shark looks very close to what early sharks are believed to have looked like.


You're not very likely to be killed by a shark!

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