Brian Kesinger Creates Fun Drawings Of Dragons That Abolish Their Stereotypes

Brian Kesinger is here to show the world a different side to the awesome creatures that are dragons. From a young age, dragons have always inspired him. The mythical beasts are often depicted as ‘villainous, treasure hoarding monsters’ according to Brian and he wanted to break this image and show the varying personalities dragons could possess. So, these wonderful drawings were born and they all have a small description about each dragon. We love them! Take a look and see which is your favorite!
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Aagar The Emotional

kesinger dragon aagar the emotional

“Chapter 14 gets to Aagar The Emotional every time”

Dormar The Ponderer And Seerfin The Impatient

kesinger dragon dormar the ponderer and seerfin the impatient

“Dormar The Ponderer and Seerfin The Impatient have been locked in an epic battle of the minds for the last 259 years. Seerfin hopes to get a turn before the next century”

Garnyx The Behemoth

kesinger dragon garnyx the behemoth

“Once upon a time a reckless king decreed that his kingdom be built on the highest peak in the land. His advisors warned against the construction as it was a sacred place but were put to death for their disobedience. Woe to the king when Garnyx awakes…”

Gorung The Skittish

kesinger dragon gorung the skittish

“Gorung The Skittish has an extreme case of Ovinaphobia”

Hoozar The Infirmed 

kesinger dragon hoozar the infirmed

“There is nothing worse for a forest than a dragon with a cold”

Koga The Optimistic 

kesinger dragon koga the optimisti

“Koga The Optimistic lost his ability to fly centuries ago but his spirit still soars through the kites that he creates”

Morkos The Famished

kesinger dragon morkos the famished

“This peckish dragon is always up for a late night snack”

Raniik The Obvious

kesinger dragon raniik the obvious

“Raniik The Obvious fancies himself an excellent hide and seek player”

Sariin The Insecure

kesinger dragon sariin the insecure

“Sariin The Insecure prefers the quiet comfort of his treasure chest more than the hustle and bustle of the world around him”

Seru The Maternal 

kesinger dragon seru the maternal

“Seru The Maternal helps her hatchling take flight for the first time”

Swenti The Loyal And Sir Button Nose The Brave

kesinger dragon swenti the loyal and sir button nose the brave

“Swenti The Loyal and Sir Button Nose The Brave teach us that even sworn enemies can be friends if they look into each other’s hearts”

Telkyn The Learned

kesinger dragon telkyn the learned

“This book wyrm loves to hoard her literary treasures”

Varlad The Improviser 

kesinger dragon varlad the improviser

“Varlad The Improviser was fortunate to come across a helpful princess during his quest to find his missing jump rope”

Vorloc The Impenetrable 

kesinger dragon vorloc the impenetrable

“Vorloc The Impenetrable has the thickest of dragon scales to insure minimal distractions at tea time”