These Sand Sculptures Are Mind-Blowing – Part 2

If you loved our previous post on sand sculptures then you’ll love this second installment we’ve put together! A lot of hard work goes into creating these amazing sculptures and you need a lot of patience to be good at doing them. Some of the larger sculptures can take a very long time.

You’re looking at around 1-2 months for something that has a span of 5-10 meters! Water is an important factor when it comes to sculpting. It helps the sand to stick together and allows it to set hard as it dries out. Without it, your sculpture could collapse at any point so you must ensure you have used enough to prevent this from happening.

You must also be very creative when it actually comes down to carving your piece. Most professionals will use cooking and dental utensils for the intricate details. So, do you think you’ve got what it takes?

E.T. The Extra -Terrestrial

Dobby the Elf – Harry Potter

Jack Sparrow & Davy Jones – Pirates of the Caribbean

Where the Wild Things Are

Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory

The Simpsons

Yoda – Star Wars

Poseidon – God of the Sea

Super Mario Bros

Geisha Girl

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