Boy Cries Due To Nasty Bullies But Gets Floods Of Support From Celebrities

Most decent human beings know how wrong bullying is. It can (and often does) genuinely ruin lives. Unfortunately, it’s particularly common for kids to face bullying at school. Recently, you might have seen a video that has gone viral of student Keaton Jones. It shows the young boy from Knoxville, Tennessee speaking to his mother, reduced to tears due to the horrible treatment he is receiving at school. 

A Powerful Message

Keaton’s tears are hard to watch, however, the message he is delivering is so powerful. Despite his torment, Keaton still manages to give others in his situation advice, telling them to ‘stay strong’. Wonderfully, something positive has arisen from a negative situation. People all over the world, including a ton of celebrities, have rallied together to offer Keaton their support, and some exiting opportunities. Take a look below to see some of the love filled responses that the video has received!

Those bullies are going to be so jealous! 

Kind wishes from Demi Lovato…

Dr. Phil knows a thing or two about people! 

We feel exactly the same way. We love a boy we have never met! 

Not everyone can say they are friends with JB! 

Keaton’s struggles are heartbreaking but the support he is receiving is heartwarming. Love wins! 

Keaton probably doesn’t realize how many people he has inspired. 

Wow. A pal in the Hulk. Epic! 

But, there’s more! Well done, Mark! 

We want to be Keaton’s friend too! It looks like we’ll have to form a queue! 

We’re so thrilled that Keaton and his family are being offered some awesome opportunities! 

We love the ‘for life’ part!

We can confirm that Keaton is indeed the MAN! 

We all need to know that we aren’t alone sometimes.