16 Times Things Matched Their Surroundings Too Well

Most of us have experienced a moment where we’ve matched our surroundings. Our shirt might have been the same color as the walls or our shoes might have blended in with the floor. These occurrences aren’t exactly rare, however, they are pretty cool and interesting to look at! Here we have an awesome collection of times things matched their surroundings too well. Some of these are just brilliant! Check them out and enjoy! 

Times Things Matched Their Surroundings Too Well

These two were meant to be together! 

Blur your eyes really hard and the person pretty much disappears. 

This pretty dragonfly was clearly attracted to the bright shorts! 

What are the chances?!

You could easily miss these flip flops! 

This little creature is in danger of being squashed as they blend in to the counter top so much! 

Can you spot the phone?

Answer – next to the right table leg. 

This pizza blends right in! 

Her face is brilliant! 

We love this floral pattern! 

We also really like this color! 

Cute shoes! 

Those socks and that carpet both look very soft! 

Now you just need this material as a full body suit so you can hide from everyone at work. 

This wallet and car seat pairing is a nightmare! We bet this person has had a panic that they have lost their wallet a few times. 

This Watusi bull looks almost transparent!